Young Owner – The Advantage of Gujarat Lions IPL team

The world of work has dramatically evolved over the past decade. Organisations are more global oriented and employee groups more diverse than ever before. Collaborative Organizational structures are the mantra of the game in today’s corporate setting. Hence the need of the hour is for a ‘ Young ‘ and ‘  Dynamic ‘ organisational owner/mentor to give direction to the marketing or the sales team. They help play a proactive role in the day to day running of the organisation or the team they are heading by giving a freedom to their team to work freely in a non-rigid, positive and collaborative work environment.

Who is The Youngest Owner Of An IPL Team

IPL season number 9 and enter the youngest owner of an IPL Team of the new franchise, Gujarat Lions. The organisation Intex Technologies India Ltd. director Keshav Bansal all of 24 Years runs this IPL franchise. To study the perception around this recent development and experts have the view of it to be a ‘ Master Stroke ‘ in marketing. The reasons are crystal clear as this shall help create a good far and wide reaching positive buzz in the target fan base. The target audience for this director and the team at large is the youth fan base of the sport. Any kind of marketing activity in order to create a Buzz encircling Gujarat Lions shall be done keeping in view the target audience that is the youth brigade of India mainly about the digital marketing platform. It is a quality common to all younger leaders of embracing change and exhibiting great skills at marketing their new ideas.


Is IPL The Perfect Platform For The Brand

Having now been associated with a young and dynamic IPL team which is new and raw in it’s management this gives INTEX the platform to grow and expand It’s Reach and also to create and sustain a strong popularity quotient. A good buzz has already been created by roping in some star player’s in the team’s core unit. Names like Suresh Raina( Captain ), the Caribbean hip-hop star Dwayne Bravo, Aaron Finch, James Faulkner, the former black caps captain Brendom McCullum, the star South African pace bowler Dale Steyn and the brand name in Sir Jadeja. With a good start to the tournament along with winning the opening tie’s thing’s seem on a positive road ahead for the franchise. This all in all provides a holistic marketing channel for the brand ‘ Intex Technologies India Ltd. ‘ creating an opportune moment to grow, plan-devise and capture a good foothold in the target market.

Active Role Of The Owner In Brand Creation

This unit is one fine example of a proactive owner involved in formulation of all and any kind of brand promotion activities as well as selecting of the team player’s. The expertise of the owner however lies in making Ad films for the company. He has an experience and expertise of converting ‘ Strategy to Ideation ‘ through his experience of 20 Ad films in the past. He was personally associated and involved in the player selection of the Gujarat Lions team. Owner’s like him who are young come with some striking similarity spanning across oceans relative to the individual. One such similar characteristic is that they ‘ Welcome Change ‘, thereby exhibiting great skills at marketing their new ideas. They are also inspiring, always positive and filled with the believe that if you put in hard work then any ‘ Set – Goal ‘ is achievable. They are result oriented and focused on achieving set target’s or result’s. Then there is also no shortage of energy among the younger cohort to devote to reaching to their aims. All in all the brand is all set to create for itself a good name in generating a strong Brand Salience value through their first season extending to a good long period ahead.




Celebrating International Women’s Day 2016

The INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY is coming on March 8th 2016, so then how will you be celebrating ‪#IWD2016 ? More importantly how will you take action to help accelerate gender parity? Make a ‪#‎PledgeForParity this women’s day. With this promote your pledge via social media. Recognise and appreciate all that those important women in your life have ever done for you.

It is frankly very easy to dismiss the idea of a day just for women. So why is it then needed? Where’s the day for men? On the contrary, It’s actually the 19th of November, for those who are inquisitive. If you look at the average life span of a woman in a country like India, it is sixty eight years, you might be slightly sceptical as to why it is necessary. After all, women can now up to a good percentage do what they want here, they have the vote, can work where they want, receive the same education and everything on the surface seems fair.


But it is important not to forget that the International Women’s Day is over a century old. Less than fifty years ago in many parts of the world, women had to resign from their civil service jobs if they got married. They could not own property completely on their own. So there obviously has been a lot of progress in the last fifty years or so, in terms of Indian women’s place in society. As well as aiding discussion, it is a chance to rejoice and celebrate in all the achievements and contributions that women have added to the world! Too often it has been observed that women have been wiped away from the books of history and International Women’s Day is an opportunity to enjoy all the music, literature, scientific discoveries and so much more that has been as a result of a woman and often never credited.


As well as aiding discussion, it’s a chance to celebrate all the achievements and contributions that women have added to the world! Too often women have been wiped from the books of history and International Women’s Day is an opportunity to enjoy all the music, literature, scientific discoveries and so much more that has been as a result of a woman and often never credited.


Of late it has been seen that women’s interest and participation in social life is increasing. This development is also the result of women’s education and secularization of social values. Women are participating in social organizations and are also now developing a taste for leading a life of social involvement. Their interest in social and cultural activities is increasing. They have growing interest in literary and travel activities. They have finally got the platform for showcasing, exploiting or doing what they really ever wanted all these years. So then, this ‪#‎IWD2016 let us acknowledge and make them feel like the real queen of your life’s.

Into The Future Of Digital Marketing

Here we are in that era where digital devices have now become a part and parcel of our life. So has the Digital Marketing framework, so much so that it has now established a strong foothold for itself compelling brand’s to understand it’s strength and the big loss they would be facing doing away with it. How do the private houses plan to invest and extract the benefits out of it?

1.Content Is The king Now

Marketing is a success when data is correctly and efficiently collected, analysed and monitored around customer response to all or any kind of your campaign. The digital space is all about implying, monitoring, assessing and corrective application’s of all of your digital campaign’s.

2.Variable Testing is The Focus

The advertising technology framework can now narrow down to the minute specification’s which create the difference between no traffic et all and heavy traffic. One crucial aspect of any marketing strategy is targeting and by virtue of correctly marketing to your target audience you are effectively and efficiently spending what’s needed. Testing and Individualised optimization for all type of demography, product-type, interest and keyword is now possible and a must for staying successful as a digital marketer.


FaceBook for instance has one of the most specific variables for advertising on it’s domain. Marketer’s can narrow down to age, interests, location, behaviour and a lot more. You can test search, display and mobile ads along with your E-Mail campaign’s and social Ad-campaign’s. Work more efficiently by finding out what is working well for your target customer’s.

3.The Key Lies In Social Engagement

By smart, correct and proper incorporating of your fan’s opinion and interpretation of your brand can help nab you get both loyal fans and fresh content. Organisation’s can bring this into effect by prompting fans to tweet, write, share videos, take pictures, etx. These loyal fans should be well rewarded by been given spotlight in your campaigns.

Addition of Holistic Strategy and Minus any kind of Specific Tactic. There shall be intent, reason or purpose behind any kind of social channel, blog spot, web link and email towards something. All the posts are a waste of your time, effort and money without any kind of engagement linked to it or traffic to our target web-link page.

The goal must be to market in specific to individual’s who are talking about your product or brand and are reaching out to you. They deserve to be given something that they love and they can cheer about having. Build connection and a feeling of loyalty and have fun with your marketing.